Farm to Plate Experience

Boarding the Oyster Catcher Punt at our amazing restaurant Thirty Three Degrees, you’ll be greeted by our local farmers with over 4 generations of Oyster Farming experience as your tour guide. Travel along the beautiful pristine waterways of Wallis Lake whilst seeing working farms in action and learning the craft of oyster harvesting.

The experience takes you through the history, heritage and the different provenances of the Sydney Rock Oysters and why they are the most unique, rarest and of course (without being too biased) the best oysters in the world.

You will see the techniques and processes our farmers use to not only produce the best oysters, but to also preserve the environment they are produced in.

Along the way you will learn the terminology such as seed, by-catch, stick, flip farm, good condition, fattening grounds and spat.

Then before heading back to Thirty Three Degrees, watch the pièce de résistance as our specially designed lift system raises trays of the freshest and most plump oysters you have ever seen. Then with a basket collect as many as you can eat before heading to the island where you will learn the art of shucking oysters while sipping French Champagne and hopefully spotting pods of local dolphins majestically cruising the lake.

Why would you want to be anywhere else in the world?

  • 2  hour tour including 3 course lunch at Thirty Three Degrees – $500/guest limited to 10 guests
  • Bookings to be made 1 week in advance
  • Enhancements – prices on request
  • Fresh seafood plates on the island
  • Caviar
  • Vintage Champagne
  • Sea plane from Sydney Harbour – Sydney Seaplanes
  • Helicopter from Newcastle – Aero Logistics Newcastle

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Thirty Three Degrees Restaurant in Forster-Tuncurry