Thirty-Three Degrees Restaurant in Forster

A World of East 33

East 33 is an Australian operated company and the parent company of Thirty Three Degrees. East 33 is dedicated to pioneering the world’s best oyster culture, by empowering the people behind it, caring for the places that support it, and delivering moments to be savoured. East 33 represents quality, a dedication to the authentic and an inspired future, focused on delivering a moment of joy.

East 33 is the largest vertically integrated Sydney Rock Oyster producer, processor and supplier. Our operations span all elements of the Sydney Rock Oyster industry from hatchery, nursery and production farmers to shucking facilities, eCommerce, Shellar DoorTM restaurant program, and international trade.

Sydney Rock Oysters are extremely rare, natively thriving in just 41 locations on the east coast of Australia centered on latitude 33° – providing the namesake for East 33 Limited.

East 33 understands and cherishes the deep roots in its local communities, with our ten founding farmer families being multi-generational leaders in the oyster industry since 1884. East 33 is proud to play a key role in showcasing the incredible diversity, exceptional characteristics and extraordinary history of this uniquely-Australian product to the world.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of East 33’s business, employing world-class sustainability practices and actively seeking to collaborate with government, industry, and the communities where it farms.

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