Thirty-Three Degrees Restaurant in Forster

About Us

Once upon a time, circa 1971 our doors acted as an entryway to a marina, a one stop shop servicing the local community with access to the sun-kissed waterways of Wallis Lake. Now, reinvented and re-imagined they act as a gateway to a relaxed dining experience.

Wallis Lake is the spiritual home of East 33, and Thirty Three Degrees has been an integral part of this journey. If you glance out over our deck and onto the pristine waters of Wallis Lake you will see in the distance some of the East 33 oyster leases, where our dedicated farmers cultivate our Sydney Rock Oyster harvests. Inspired by this rich heritage of Sydney Rock Oyster cultivation in our local area the namesake Thirty Three Degrees reflects our location on Australia’s pristine East Coast and the latitude of Sydney 33° where the Sydney Rock Oyster was first named by Europeans.

We aim to create an experience that is uncomplicated, relaxed, and honest…Welcome to Thirty Three Degrees.